On Friday, June 1st, we join the global dairy community to celebrate World Milk Day. This year, we Raise a Glass in recognition of the important role that dairy products play in a balanced diet. Dairy products are associated with bone health and reduced risk of chronic diseases. In Canada, 23,000 Canadians work in the dairy processing sector, ensuring the availability of the delicious products we know, love and that provide us with important nutrients that Canadians aren’t getting enough of.

We say ‘Cheers’ to these Canadians and all others who help us enjoy nutritious and wholesome dairy products everyday: from the dairy farmers, to those who transform it, to the parents who make sure there’s always a carton in the fridge.

Take part in the worldwide celebration! Share your love for milk and dairy and join the global social media conversation! #WorldMilkDay

  How to participate:

  1. Gather your friends, family and colleagues
  2. Pour glasses or open cartons of cold, nutritious milk
  3. Take a photo or video
  4. Post it on Twitter or Facebook, telling us why you #raiseaglass for #cdndairy on #worldmilkday


About World Milk Day

Recognizing the opportunity to celebrate the important contributions of the dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) selected June 1st as World Milk Day back in 2001.

Every year since, on June 1st, people around the world contribute to raising awareness on how important milk is for healthy nutrition, knowing that the dairy sector supports the livelihoods of up to one billion people worldwide.