Nicknamed “Mr. Milk” in Québec, Donat Roy certainly left his mark on the province as well as on the Canadian dairy industry.

Mr. Roy was known for his commitment and his contribution to the dairy community and to the agri-food industry. In his 50 years with Saputo, he assumed a variety of responsibilities, including managing production and quality control. He served as Vice President of Procurement, and in 2012, took on the role of Special Advisor before retiring in 2016. Lino Saputo, founder of Saputo Inc., considered Mr. Roy to be a valued member of the Company and of the family.

Mr. Roy spent his career building good relationships with milk producers, governments and organizations, and improving the ties between dairy processors and producers. While President of the Conseil des industriels laitiers du Québec (CILQ) and Chairman of their Bargaining Committee, he contributed to signing the first milk marketing agreement with the Québec Federation of Milk Producers—signaling the beginning of a collaborative relationship.

A strong believer in dairy research, Mr. Roy was heavily involved in the conception of Novalait, an organization dedicated to research and innovation that fosters sustainable growth in Quebec’s dairy industry. Mr. Roy’s term as President of Novalait ended in 2002.

Lino Saputo wished to pay tribute to Donat Roy: “Mr. Roy was part of our big Saputo family for 50 years. He was our number 1 ambassador among dairy producers and was the leader of our excellent relationships with producers and the dairy industry, which helped to increase our milk volumes. He also played a key role in Quebec’s dairy industry.”

According to Carl Colizza, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Saputo Dairy Division (Canada), “Mr. Roy greatly influenced the dairy industry, and played an important role in building milk supply in Québec. More specifically, he contributed to increasing milk volumes and forging stronger relationships between Saputo and dairy producers in Québec.”

At the age of 89, Donat Roy passed away on August 28, 2017.

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