Canada’s Dairy Supply During COVID-19 Outbreak

Providing Canadians with a continuous and ample supply of nutritious dairy products while protecting employees’ health is the top priority of dairy processors throughout Canada’s response to COVID-19. 


How is COVID-19 affecting dairy processing capacity in Canada?

For their part, dairy processors across the country have been responding to federal and provincial calls to support social distancing in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve, while also ensuring that operations continue with limited or no disruption to the food supply chain. Dairy plants have business continuity plans and crisis management teams in place to protect the health of their employees while continuing to serve Canadians. 

By nature of a food processing plant, very strict hygienic measures are already in place to support federal and provincial food safety requirements. Many processors are enhancing health measures to protect those essential staff who come to work every day in order to serve Canadians. 


How is the government supporting critical infrastructure, like food availability, at this time?

Food is a basic necessity, and thus the food supply chain is an essential service. DPAC is engaged in dialogue with federal and provincial governments to ensure that this principle is enshrined in any policy decisions related to COVID-19 as we, along with others in the food sector, work to continue to meet Canadians’ dietary needs.