Recent months have highlighted for Canadians just how important it is for Canada’s food supply chain to be resilient and robust. Now, more than ever, Canadians want their food to be grown and processed at home as much as possible and they feel that the government needs to support its agri-food sectors.

In fact, 89% of Canadians agree that it is important that Canada has a strong domestic food supply chain that does not rely on products made and grown in other countries.* 

As Canada considers lessons learned and looks to strengthen its domestic supply chains – food and otherwise -, it is vital to consider how these supply chains are influenced by the practices of large retailers. Retailers‘ use of arbitrary fees and deductions, and lack of adherence to terms of contracts by large grocery retailers have created a climate of uncertainty which disincentivizes investment in Canada’s agri-food sectors. 

*Source: Abacus Data polling conducted on behalf of Dairy Processors Association of Canada (September 2020)