Here are our favourite ways to enjoy dairy:

Spinach salad with strawberries, maple syrup and feta cheese


“This delicious recipe using fresh fruits and vegetables, maple syrup and Canadian-made dairy products, is one of my favorites because it meets my appetite and nutritional needs.”


-Amelie, DPAC’s Coordinator, Public Affairs and Operations

Syrniki and cottage cheese breakfasts


“In Ukraine, these little pancakes are made with quark of farmers cheese. They are best served with a bit of sour cream and honey or jam on top; my two boys certainly do not complain about that.”


-Andrea, DPAC’s Communications Consultant

Chia-greek yogurt pudding


“One of my go-to breakfasts or a free workout snack would be this recipe, which is a very quick and easy-to-make snack. The beauty of this quick snack is that you could meal-prep for the whole week and personalize it with your favourite toppings to make it even better.”


-Chathu, DPAC’s Manager, Program and Regulatory Affairs

Savoyard fondue


“When I was young, we used to go skiing with my family in winter and one of my best memories is the evening when after a great day of skiing, the family would gather around a good Savoyard fondue!”


-Marie, DPAC’s Sr. Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Berry Protein Smoothie


“Every morning, I love to start my day off strong with a delicious protein smoothie to get all the nutrients and vitamins I need that will help me get through my busy mornings.”


-Mathieu, DPAC’s President and CEO

Chocolate Pudding


“I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother’s chocolate pudding was my favorite dessert. To this day, this dessert is still my favorite because it is so easy to make.”


-Michel, DPAC’s Associate, Government Relations

“Drôo”, Tunisian cream with sorghum


“This popular dessert in Tunisia is mainly consumed in winter as it is better served hot. This is one of my favourite desserts because it’s healthy and it’s really delicious.”


-Ons, DPAC’s Dairy Market Analyst

Other recipes from our favorite bloggers:

Pineapple Power Green Smoothie


“This nutrient-dense pineapple green smoothie recipe is a favorite power smoothie in our home. It’s made with simple ingredients that have a ton of benefits.”


-Randa, from Randa Nutrition

Homemade Fudgesicles with Greek Yogurt


“These homemade fudgesicles are creamy, delicious, and high in protein thanks to nutritious ingredients like Greek yogurt. They’re so easy to make, and the whole family will love them!”


-Hannah, from Hannah Magee RD