DPAC believes in the power of collaboration. We work closely with Canadian dairy industry partners, government and food industry colleagues to create a thriving Canadian dairy industry that is sustainable and focused on the needs of Canadian consumers.

Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam

Signatories of the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam formally commit to taking steps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The declaration recognizes the dairy’s economic and nutritional contributions, as well as the role that the sector plays in addressing environmental impacts and climate change. DPAC has been a signatory since 2017.

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero brings together farmers and organizations throughout the global dairy supply chain who are dedicated to reducing dairy’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the next 30 years.

Canada Plastics Pact

The Canada Plastic Pact, an industry-led collaboration aiming to tackle plastic waste and pollution and create a circular economy for plastics. The Pact’s partners are united, working together on achieving clear, actionable targets by 2025. 

Animal Health Canada

Animal Health Canada is a collaboration of industry, federal, provincial and territorial partners providing guidance on a cohesive, functional and responsive farmed animal health and welfare system in Canada.

National Farm Animal Care Council

NFACC is the national lead for farm animal care and welfare in Canada. NFACC facilitates communication and collaboration among farmers, processors, government, animal welfare associations, and veterinary experts to provide a consistent approach to animal welfare. Its work includes the development of credible, science-informed Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals. NFACC is a department of Animal Health Canada. 

Canadian Global Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank 

CgFARAD proactively protects Canada’s food supply by providing veterinarians with the unbiased and scientifically-based information needed to support the safety of Canada’s food supply against accidental contamination of residues of drugs and pesticides.

FIL-IDF Canada

The Canadian National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (FIL-IDF Canada) provides a forum for processors, farmers, industry stakeholders and governments to meet, discuss and develop practices, guidelines and standards that benefit the Canadian dairy industry. FIL-IDF Canada represents Canada’s positions internationally at bodies like the International Dairy Federation and Codex Alimentarius Working Groups.