DPAC is dedicated to supporting our members’ efforts to reduce emissions, address plastic packaging, support animal health and create a sustainable and resilient Canadian dairy sector. By working collaboratively, we can achieve our collective vision of a greener, more sustainable food system.

Dairy net zero by 2050

DPAC is firmly committed to supporting the Canadian dairy processing industry in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. As we embark on this ambitious journey, we are driven by the collective goal of building a sustainable future for Canada’s dairy industry.

Work is currently underway. DPAC is developing a comprehensive carbon inventory to assess the current state of emissions within Canada’s dairy processing industry. This invaluable data will pave the way for the establishment of Science Based Targets (SBTi) specific to our sector, aligning with global targets and allowing for sectoral collaboration to build on previous commitments made through the Dairy Farmers of Canada Net Zero by 2050 Strategy.

Circular Economy for Plastic Packaging

DPAC understands the importance of addressing the problem of plastic pollution and is working with members to identify the ways in which the dairy processing sector can positively contribute to reducing plastic waste. 

Creating a circular economy for plastics packaging requires collaboration and action from all parts of the plastics value chain. 

DPAC is a proud implementing partner of the Canada Plastic Pact, an industry-led collaboration aiming to tackle plastic waste and pollution and create a circular economy for plastics. Through this, DPAC has committed to support Canada’s dairy processors in meeting the Pact’s ambitious 2025 plastic-reduction targets.

A Strong Animal Welfare System

A sustainable food system includes both environmental impacts and impacts to health and welfare of animals and humans. 

This has long been a pillar of DPAC’s work. DPAC and its members collaborate with governments and Dairy Farmers of Canada to support continuous improvement of efforts for the care and welfare of dairy cattle. This includes work with the National Farm Animal Care Council and Animal Health Canada. 

Learn more about DPAC’s animal welfare work.

DPAC actions on sustainability

  • Member of the National Farm Animal Care Council, a multi-stakeholder approach to developing science-informed Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals.
  • Member of Animal Health Canada, a collaboration of federal, provincial, territorial, and industry/non-government stakeholders to address important topics such as emergency management, animal welfare, and animal health surveillance.
  • Driving dairy processing policy, sectoral collaboration and action on sustainability with guidance from DPAC’s Environmental Committee and Animal Welfare Committee. 

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