The best products start with quality stewardship of dairy cattle. DPAC and its members believe that the care and welfare of dairy cattle is everyone’s business and we take our role in this very seriously. 

Canada’s dairy processors support Canada’s dairy farmers’ ongoing work toward providing the highest possible standard of care for dairy cattle. DPAC works closely with Dairy Farmers of Canada to ensure that policies and programs are in place to achieve the high standard of care that Canada’s processors and their customers have come to expect.

Canada’s dairy processors have long refused to take the milk from farms which fail to meet the high standards of care set by provincial boards and the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Since 2016 we have clearly outlined our expectations of Canada’s dairy farmers and the provincial boards that collect and sell their milk. Beyond this, we strongly support the Five Freedoms for farm animals and we continuously advocate for measures that are aligned with these principles, such as moving to loose houses for cattle, providing group housing for dairy calves, and ending the use of electricity on farms.

Advocating for a strong animal welfare system

DPAC represents the expectations of Canada’s dairy processors, their customers, and Canadian consumers at the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) table. Most recently, this has included DPAC’s work alongside farm, veterinary, government experts, as well as animal welfare associations, like Humane Canada, to modernize nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of dairy cattle and goats. 

Supporting stewardship of antibiotic use in Canada

DPAC’s commitment to quality includes upholding the promise of antibiotic-free milk. 

We know that antibiotics play an important role in supporting animal welfare by treating, controlling and preventing bacterial disease. We also know that Canada’s farmers and vets follow strict guidelines on the use of antibiotics and take all necessary steps to ensure that they do not end up in Canada’s milk supply. Our processors even do their own tests to ensure there are no oversights. 

As part of this commitment, DPAC supports the important work of organizations like the Canadian Global Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (CgFARAD). CgFARAD helps vets receive the unbiased and scientifically-based information they need to support the safety of Canada’s food supply against accidental contamination of residues of drugs and pesticides.

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DPAC Position and Policy on Incidents of Animal Abuse/Cruelty

DPAC and its members view any mistreatment of animals as unacceptable. Policy outlines our expectations of Canada’s dairy farmers.