Canada’s dairy processors create jobs for more than 24 000 Canadians in over 470 facilities across the country. Dairy processing is the second-largest food manufacturing industry in Canada. We purchase more than 9.2 billion litres of milk from Canada’s 10,000 dairy farms and contribute more than $16 billion to Canada’s GDP each year. 

Our industry produces the cheese, yogurt, butter, and milk that have become staples of the Canadian diet and the ice cream we crave when we want a sweet treat. To keep up with the evolving tastes and diets of Canadians, dairy processors continuously innovate, finding new ways to produce old favourites like cheese and yogurt and creating just the right ingredients for everything from a frozen pizza to a protein shake.

Our production methods and products continue to evolve, but one thing stays the same: Canada’s dairy processors are committed to making high-quality, nutritious products with simple ingredients.

Our industry works hard every day to deliver products that meet Canada’s stringent food safety standards and exceed the expectations of our customers. 

But we know that this goes beyond simply offering great tasting products made with quality ingredients. 

Canadians want products that are not simply good for them, but good for our animals and environment as well. This is important for dairy processors, too. As an industry, we work to ensure that measures are in place to minimize our environmental impact and promote the care and well-being of Canada’s dairy cattle.