The Dairy Processors Association of Canada is the national industry association representing the public policy and regulatory interests of the Canadian dairy processing industry. Our mission is to provide leadership and expertise to create a thriving Canadian dairy industry that is sustainable and focused on the needs of Canadian consumers. To do this we advocate for public policy and regulatory initiatives that create an environment that encourages investment and innovation in both today’s dairy industry and that of the future.

We are proud of our members and the delicious and nutritious products they make. The Dairy Processors Association of Canada works with government, farmers and other stakeholders to modernize our supply management system and address the key roadblocks which stand in the way of Canada being a place where dairy processors can confidently invest, innovate, and grow. 

Our Priorities:

woman hand hold supermarket shopping cart with abstract blur refrigerator shelves with fresh milk bottles and dairy products in grocery store

Grocery Code of Conduct

Creating a balanced and competitive grocery retail environment.

industrial milk storage tank food factory stainless steel silo

Trade Compensation

Addressing the impacts of trade agreements so dairy processors can confidently invest and innovate in Canada.

Technological equipment in modern  dairy plant

Dairy Import Permits

Allocating import permits to dairy processors allow them to transition to the new market realities.

Young woman eating yogurt, closeup

Healthy Eating Strategy

Dairy is high in many of the nutrients that Health Canada says Canadians do get enough of.

Quality control worker with digital tablet at production line in cheese processing plant

Labour Shortages

Addressing shortages will ensure that our country has the capacity to grow and process its food.