June 11, 2018 –

The Board of Directors of the Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mathieu Frigon as the organization’s new President and Chief Executive Officer.  

“Mathieu brings to the table the knowledge and skills required to be a strong advocate for the Canadian dairy processing industry,” said Carl Colizza, Chair of the DPAC Board of Directors. “We are confident that he will successfully lead the organization in its work in advocating for policies that support economic growth and investment in our industry.”

Mr. Frigon originally joined DPAC as a Senior Advisor on Policy & Economics, bringing to the organization the experience gained working for close to 20 years in both government and dairy sectors. Since his arrival in 2016, Mr. Frigon has progressively taken a more active leadership role in the organization, most recently acting as interim President and Chief Executive Officer following the departure of his predecessor, Jacques Lefebvre, earlier this year.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s top agri-food businesses and brands. It is both an exciting and challenging time for the Canadian dairy sector,” said Mr. Frigon. “I look forward to leading the DPAC team in working with industry partners and governments toward continued growth and innovation in the dairy sector.”

Mr. Frigon assumes the role of President and Chief Executive Officer effective Monday, June 11, 2018.

About DPAC

DPAC is Canada’s national industry association representing the public policy and regulatory interest of the Canadian dairy processing industry. DPAC’s members represent some of the most recognized brands in Canada and provide work to over 23,000 Canadian, contributing $15.3 billion to the national economy.