November 23, 2021 –

Today’s Speech from the Throne stated that Canada’s prosperity is dependent upon ensuring that our supply chains are strong and resilient.

As such, DPAC welcomed the government’s commitment to support for communities affected by recent flooding in British Columbia. We continue to keep in our thoughts the BC farmers who are facing significant challenges to their livelihoods. Support to help farmers rebuild and return to feeding Canadians should be a top priority in the coming months.

Ensuring that our supply chains are strong and resilient requires investments in the future. For DPAC and its members, a strong, resilient supply chain is one that is rooted in a business environment that allows strong domestic production.

Agriculture and agri-food sectors are important drivers of Canada’s economy. While the speech stated that “this is the moment to grow a more resilient economy”, it provided little detail as to the actions the government intends to take to strengthen Canada’s agriculture and agri-food supply chains. The omission of any agri-food priorities is an important and concerning oversight.

As such, DPAC will work with the Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, her Cabinet colleagues and other Members of Parliament to ensure action is taken to create the kind of business environment needed to support Canada’s agri-food sector and create the resilient future that the government has promised Canadians.