December 15, 2022

DPAC presents the production figures in tonnes per month for various types of cheese in Canada (page 29 of the DPAC Data Dashboard).

Cheese production: 2,000-15,000 tonnes per month

Cheddar cheese is the highest-produced cheese in Canada, with a production of 13,600 tonnes registered in August 2022  (all data are on a 12-month average basis). Mozzarella is the second most produced cheese with about 13,000 tonnes in August 2022. Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese production has been increasing between 2012 and 2022, by 21 % and 47% respectively. Cottage cheese, which ranks as the third most produced cheese, has been stable and slightly declining in recent years with an average of 2,000 tonnes per month. 

Cheese production: 500-1,250 tonnes per month

Monterey and Parmesan cheese production almost doubled from 2010 to 2022. Production was at 640 and  507 tonnes for Monterey and Parmesan in February 2010 and  reached 1,200 and 952 tonnes respectively in August 2022. 

Cheese production: 200-920 tonnes per month

Feta cheese production increased by 150% in the last 10 years to reach 722 tonnes in August 2022.  Emmental and Swiss cheeses registered a fall in production by 15% in a ten year period. Even though the production increased again in 2019,  Emmental and Swiss are still significantly down relative to the pre-2017 period. It’s worth noting that Emmental and Swiss are some of the most imported cheeses under CETA (1,400 tonnes in 2021). 

Cheese production: 150-400 tonnes per month

Brick cheese production recorded substantial reduction in production in recent years by 45%. Gouda has fluctuated, and is still below its production level pre-2017. In 2021, almost 2,000 tonnes of Gouda were imported under CETA. During the same period, provolone cheese production has been increasing to reach a peak of 370 tonnes in 2018. Provolone production is now stable at 300 tonnes per month.