January 25, 2018 –

The Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC) is highly concerned by the announcement that Canada has concluded discussions on the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

The dairy sector has been clear with the government that, following the withdrawal of the United States last year, the revised CPTPP should reflect the economic realities of the smaller group of countries involved. As Canada pursues an aggressive trade agenda, market access concessions can quickly add up, resulting in significant international access to Canada’s domestic dairy market and negative impacts on Canadian jobs and economic growth.

“As with all trade agreements, we firmly believe that one of the government’s key objectives in implementing the CPTPP must be to ensure that the Canadian dairy sector is well positioned for growth and investments in innovation.” said Mathieu Frigon, interim Chief Operating Officer of DPAC. “While mitigating negative impacts is important, the government must also look to strategies that grow our dairy markets and increase dairy processors’ contributions to the Canadian economy.”

DPAC calls on the Canadian government to demonstrate how the CPTPP is the right deal for all of Canada, including its dairy sector.