You reach for a piece of cheese in your fridge. You know that it comes from milk, but have you ever thought about how that milk became a delicious piece of cheese? Through the magic of dairy processing, that’s how!

Canada’s dairy processors receive raw milk from dairy farmers across the country and transform it into finished dairy products like cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and so much more!

While all dairy products start with milk, each product requires a specific amount of fats, proteins, and nutrients. Dairy processing is part art, part science. The work of dairy processors ensures that the products you find on the shelves of your grocery store are safe and of a consistent high-quality. To do this, dairy processors make significant investments in high-tech equipment and research and development to continually meet the demands of Canadians.

From small operations making artisanal cheeses, to large-scale productions using advanced technology, the dairy processing industry is a dynamic and exciting sector which creates jobs for over 24,500 Canadians and supports the milk production of over 10,000 dairy farms here at home.