For the last 15 years, Nicolas David has exercised his passion for yogurt and cheesemaking, developing a keen understanding of consumer trends.

He now applies that knowledge as the Director of Quality and Research and Development for Riviera, where he has established the brand’s signature Petit Pot yogurts, white cheeses, creams and butter.

“From managing the development of new yogurts and cheeses, to implementing new manufacturing processes, there are so many opportunities,” he added while pointing out the ability to explore a variety of different avenues and interests within the sector.

For Nicolas, his work isn’t just a job; he’s built a career in the dairy industry where he’s enjoyed collaborating with other departments such as marketing and operations, as well as having managed international teams. Based on his personal experience, he highly recommends pursuing a career in the dairy processing industry.

He believes, dairy processing is an innovative field that offers great promise for the future. “There’s so much potential for the Canadian dairy industry; so many products still to be developed.”

What’s next for Nicolas? “For the future, the field I would like to explore and which presents and interesting challenge for me would be ice cream!”

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