September 25, 2020 –

The Dairy Processors Association of Canada welcomes two new members: Foothills Creamery Ltd. and Quality Cheese Inc.

Since 1969, Foothills Creamery Ltd. is Western Canada’s producer of ice cream, butter, soft serve, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, and ice cream cones for the retail and food service markets. Locally sourced, they are proudly Canadian.

Incorporated in 1988, Quality Cheese Inc. is a family owned 4th generation manufacturer, distributor and retailer of Italian specialty and soft ripened cheese, snack products. Based in Ontario, with 3 manufacturing facilities, it is an award-winning company that produces a large selection of specialty cheese for the retail and food service sectors for the Canadian and the United States markets.

As the only national organization representing the public policy and regulatory interests of dairy processors in Canada, DPAC strives to be a united voice for the dairy processing industry. DPAC welcomes the additional perspectives that these new members will be able to provide to its work; together DPAC members will help to shape the future of the Canadian dairy processing industry. 

About DPAC Membership

DPAC is a forum for industry leaders to connect and contribute to public policy dialogue. With DPAC membership, dairy processors benefit from exclusive information and expertise in all aspects of dairy policy and regulation at the federal level in Canada.

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