November 30, 2018 –

Canada’s dairy processors are extremely disappointed by today’s signing of the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) which provides further concessions to the United States on dairy, in addition to those which were agreed to on September 30th.

“This final text of CUSMA does not reflect what the Government of Canada told the dairy sector it had agreed to,” said Mathieu Frigon, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dairy Processors Association of Canada. “It is clear to us; a conscious decision was made in the last few weeks to agree to additional concessions at the expense of the Canadian dairy sector.”

These further concessions provide the United States with unprecedented oversight of the Canadian dairy system and, therefore, a say on how the sector is governed.

“How will it be possible for Canadian dairy policy to remain Canadian?” Mr. Frigon now asks the government. “Such an action will hamper decision-making and weaken the competitiveness of Canada’s dairy sector.”

This could irreparably harm dairy processing capacity and the 12,000 dairy farms and 24,500 middle-class Canadians the dairy processing industry supports nationwide.


About the Dairy Processors Association of Canada

The Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC) is Canada’s national industry association representing the public policy and regulatory interest of the Canadian dairy processing industry. DPAC’s members represent some of the most recognized food brands in Canada.