February 24, 2022

“Doing away with inefficient practices, which means ensuring that things are done fairly, truly allows for a more effective supply chain so that everyone can focus on the right thing, which is to provide more value to consumers,” says Christine Tacon, former UK Grocery Code Adjudicator (2013-20), in her recent report for the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI). 

The report, commissioned as part of CAPI’s Big Solutions Forum, provides Tacon’s insights on how the Groceries Code Adjudicator has supported greater food supply chain resilience and efficiency within the UK.  

DPAC has previously suggested that the UK model could be a foundation on which Canada can develop its own Code. Studies of the UK Code, as well as other international examples are part of the work being done by the multi-sectoral team, which includes DPAC, that is tasked with reviewing options for the development of a Canadian Grocery Code. The teams’ work will be considered by Canada’s Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture. 

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