January 26, 2022

Last week, the Expert Working Group on feed supplementation released a report on its investigation into potential changes to the texture of butter and potential links with animal feed supplements containing palm by-products.

The results of the study were inconclusive, with the Expert Working Group recommending that further research be conducted. 

“After a careful review of the existing scientific literature and undertaking new testing and consultations with various industry and academic experts, we cannot conclude that any perceived increase in the hardness of butter be solely attributed to the use of palm-derived feed supplements,” said Daniel Lefebvre, Chair of the Expert Working Group.

For DPAC, this report is the start of broader discussion about traceability and other measures that are needed to continue to meet consumer expectations. DPAC agrees with the report’s recommendation that the industry take additional steps to collect better, consistent time series data with regard to the evolution of the fatty acid profile of milk and butter, as well as the hardness of butter on retail shelves.


  • Last year, social media discussions on firm butter led to significant media attention which some reporters termed “buttergate”, the main culprit was believed to be the use of palmitic acid supplements in dairy cattle feed.
  • DFC struck an Expert Working Group to study claims and potential contributing factors

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