March 31, 2022

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The University of Guelph has multiple programs for those interested in expanding their knowledge and furthering their careers in dairy processing. 

Masters of Dairy Technology Management

Master of Dairy Technology Management (MDTM) is a fully online program jointly offered by the Department of Food Science, and the Department of Food, Agriculture, and Resource Economics. The Master of Dairy Technology Management blends three overarching competencies needed to advance dairy industry professionals globally, namely: Dairy Science and Technology, Management of Operations including Food Safety Systems and Quality Assurance, and Marketing and Business Management. Development of the Master of Dairy Technology Management is financially supported by the Canadian Dairy Commission. Apply before May 31, 2022.

Short Courses in Cheesemaking

Introduction to Cheese Making is a four-week course starting April 11. This annual course will be held online this year, but will be taught on site in the University’s pilot plant starting in April 2023.

Special master class on Ripened Lactic Cheese is a four week course starting June 21 with an optional onsite component. Participants will make surface ripened Lactic Acid cheeses which are predominantly coagulated by lactic acid, such as Figaro (a variation of Chaource) and Epoisses. For contrast, participants will also make Camembert, which is surface ripened but predominantly coagulated by rennet.

The courses can be taken independently or as credit towards a Cheese Maker Certificate. For more information about these and other upcoming cheese short courses email Development of the Cheese Maker Certificate program is financially supported by the Canadian Dairy Commission.